Baltic Space Coast

The member states of the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) are well endowed with space science and space technology infrastructure and capabilities.   Norway’s  Andøya Space Center has launched over 1,200 sounding rockets.   Major optical and radio telescope observatories exist in each of the states in the BSR as do important laser ranging facilities, CubeSat design and development centers, satellite communications centers, plasma physics research facilities, other research. SMEs are involved in a broad range of space activities either together with space research institutes or for ESA, NASA or other partners and clients.  The BSR also is home to Part Time Scientists, Lunar-X prize contenders targeting a Moon landing in 2017.  Riga, which is home to the University of Latvia, will also host the European Planetary Science Congress September 18-22, 2017, one of the largest gatherings of planetary scientists in world.